Livestock Leaders was born from The Livestock Collective with the vision to empower and unite the supply chain. 

Livestock Leaders Program Options

Signature Livestock Leaders Workshop

Our signature human capacity building workshop is The Livestock Collective's flagship Program.

Online Livestock Leaders Workshop

Go virtual with our online version and don't have any COVID-19 hassles!

The Livestock Collective

Bespoke Livestock Leaders Workshop

We can work with your organisation to meet common goals and your budget!

Key Outcomes

  • Build the capacity of your industry to be forward thinking change-makers
  • Give your supply chain the confidence and skills to speak about their area of expertise 
  • Unite the supply chain to share consistent key messages within the industry and to the broader public 
  • Stakeholders become industry leaders, influencers and advocates
  • Develop your organisation to be a personality and brand that the public can associate with advances in agriculture
  • Increase the capacity of staff/members to communicate what your industry is, why it exists and how it operates, therefore safeguarding its future
  • Learn to communicate your values and build trust with your audience
  • Utilise the power of social media to share your story
  • Access our growing ‘Collective’ network for ongoing collaborations and support
"The Livestock Leaders workshop has equipped me with skills that are crucial for the future of agriculture. We are lucky to work in an industry we are passionate about and it's important that we share that with the wider community and help build a connection with people outside our industries. It's such an encouraging environment that caters to your role in the supply chain. Coming out of it, you will be motivated and prepared to share your story authenitcally and join a collective of passionate and strong leaders in ag."
Brittany Bolt
Sheep producer

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