Advocacy – Done the Right Way

Not everyone is going to share your views, and that’s okay! The worst thing you can do when advocating for the industry is become disrespectful in the way you communicate. Here are five ways you can communicate your views respectfully. 

  1. Listen to who you are speaking to. It is easy to switch off and feel targeted, when in reality you should feel privileged you are having this conversation and an opportunity to advocate for the livestock industry. 
  2. Ask them questions. Why do you think that? Where do you find your information from? Asking questions shows you are listening and can open your eyes to the misconceptions the public may have about the livestock industry. 
  3. Connect your passions and interests with theirs. Reiterate that you most likely have shared values – you both care about livestock, you both care about the environment, you both care about regional communities and you both care about those in the city with limited connection with agriculture. 
  4. Share what you know. Your involvement in the livestock industry means you are in a fortunate position where you can share your knowledge from a first hand experience. This creates a story that is real and transparent, and there is an audience who wants to hear it.
  5. Refer them to reliable sources where they can find out more. There has been a lack of information on the livestock industry which has been filled with false information. Make sure you clearly inform them of which resources are the real thing.