Advocacy is for everyone

The Livestock Leaders program has continued its expansion into Eastern Australia with another 16 advocates from Queensland completing the introductory workshop earlier in February. 

Powered by The Livestock Collective and funded by MLA, the program builds the capacity of current red meat supply chain champions to be future leaders and advocates for the industry. Each participant is trained in shared values communication, building your personal brand on social media, engaging with the media, creating your own content and more. 

There are now almost 80 alumni from all over Australia and the supply chain, all equipped with the skills and confidence to share their story. There has been huge personal successes amongst the alumni, supporting the sentiment that the public wants to hear our stories. 

Since The Livestock Collective team were again unable to attend in person due to travel restrictions, we utilised some of our talented and passionate Livestock Leaders alumni to help on the day. Amelia Nolan facilitated the workshop virtually from a property in Western Australia, and loves the challenge of working remotely.

“We have become very efficient in utilising technology wherever we can to deliver workshops in each state. I think it is a testimony to the program and its flexibility that we have been able to continue providing this training opportunity in the current climate” said Ms Nolan.  

“It’s very rewarding to have 16 budding advocates in one room, from different backgrounds, experience levels and areas of the supply chain. It is all about connecting them and empowering them with the tools they need to communicate with the public in the media, on social media and in everyday conversations” 

“When the program is achieving around 95% satisfaction and almost 100% of attendees are very likely to recommend the workshop to others, we can be confident that we are delivering what the industry needs.”

Georgia Glasson grew up on a sheep and cattle property in western Queensland. Georgia is passionate about animal welfare and sound stock handling skills, with over eight years experience in northern beef operations, “I did not really know what to expect from the workshop, as being quite introverted and not a confident speaker, advocacy is not something that I thought someone like me was ever capable of. After the workshop I walked away with some highly valuable new skills, and a new found confidence to speak the truths of my industry to the daunting world of social media, and to those who makes assumptions about an industry that they know nothing about.” said Ms Glasson.

 If you’re an advocate in Queensland, don’t worry – you haven’t missed out! Another Livestock Leaders workshop is scheduled for the end of April in Rockhampton, so head to and register your interest. We are also still accepting EOI for upcoming workshops in Northern Territory and Victoria. The industry needs change leadership – are you the leader we’re looking for?