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AgVocate Program

Powered by The Livestock Collective, Livestock Leaders is a professional development program aimed at building capacity of current supply chain champions to become future leaders, influencers and advocates of the Australian agricultural industry.

Our workshops cover the following topics
  • How to share your story using values based communications
  • Different communication styles
  • How to build your own brand on social media
  • Media Interview and presentation skills
  • How to engage & speak to the media
  • Case studies
Key Learnings
  • How to create content to share your supply chain story
  •  How to engage and speak to media to confidently promote & defend your industry’s credentials
  •  How to build your brand on social media
  •  How to have difficult conversations – from the dinner table to social media
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Building a Collective Network

All Livestock Leader alumni will become part of a larger ongoing support program. After completing the workshop, alumni continue to receive support from The Livestock Collective team in the following areas.

  • Exclusive Alumni Hub on Facebook
  • Exclusive Whatsapp group for you to keep in touch with your fellow workshop participants
  • Instagram Pods
Key Outcomes
  • Build the capacity of your industry to be forward thinking change-makers
  • Give your supply chain the confidence and skills to speak about their area of expertise
  • Unite the supply chain to share consistent key messages within the industry and to the broader public
  • Stakeholders become industry leaders, influencers and advocates
  • Develop your organisation to be a personality and brand that the public can associate with advances in agriculture
  • Increase the capacity of staff/members to communicate what your industry is, why it exists and how it operates, therefore safeguarding its future
  • Learn to communicate your values and build trust with your audience
  • Utilise the power of social media to share your story
  • Access our growing ‘Collective’ network for ongoing collaborations and support
What we’re looking for
  • People living and working in the supply chain including station hands, farm workers, truck drivers, vets, business owners, feedlot workers, stock agents, live export stockpersons
  • People who are comfortable being in the media
  • People who have a great story to tell and want to tell that story
  • Active on at least one social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) 
  • Willing to be an active participant in our 12 month program

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