AgVocate Program

Livestock Leaders

Our resources page not whetting your appetite? Apply now to take part of our full program starting with a two day workshop. Sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia the workshops cover the following topics:

  • How to share your story using values based communications
  • Different communication styles
  • How to build your own brand on social media
  • Media Interview and presentation skills
  • How to engage & speak to the media
  • Case studies

Key learnings

  •  How to create content to share your red meat story
  •  How to engage and speak to media to confidently promote & defend the red meat & livestock industry’s credentials
  •  How to build your brand on social media
  •  How to have difficult conversations – from the dinner table to social media

What we are looking for

  • People living and working in the red meat industry including station hands, farm workers, truck drivers, vets, business owners, feedlot workers, stock agents, live export stockpersons
  • People who are comfortable being in the media
  • People who have a great story to tell and want to tell that story
  • Active on at least one social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) 
  • Willing to be an active participant in our 12 month program

Our presenters

More information

Our goal in delivering this training is to empower you to speak on the industry’s behalf for years to come and foster a supportive and connected network of leaders. As part of this program, there is a range of commitments we expect from Livestock Leaders, including engagement with the media. We work with all Livestock Leaders to facilitate further engagement opportunities for you to share your story with the community and engage with the general public in a bid to continue our vision of ensuring every individual has a connection and shared understanding of our agricultural industries. 

The workshops are moving their way around to each state of Australia and you can register your interest by completing the EOI form below. There is a selection process where we select people all along the supply chain who we believe have the passion and drive to use these skills to advocate for the industry. As part of this process, you may be asked to provide further information.


Are you the leader we're looking for?

Please complete the details below to register your interest in the Livestock Leaders program. Please note, every form we receive will go through a selection process to confirm workshop participants as there are limited spaces available.