The first step is to contact us! You can do that via our contact form or by emailing events@thelivestockcollective.com.au. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what collaborative opportunities we have together. 

It depends which program you are after! The Signature Livestock Leaders workshop is the greatest investment. Alternatively, we can do it online or we can tailor a Bespoke Workshop to meet your needs and budget. 

At The Livestock Collective we believe in being flexible and ensuring all voices are heard. We know there are so many incredible stories around Australia and we want to come to you! 

We are currently partnering with agricultural industry associations and businesses to deliver workshops. To be on our radar, submit your EOI and when an appropriate opportunity comes up we will be in touch! Remember, it is highly competitive so we recommend you putting as much detail as possible into your application. 

Whilst we prefer you are active on some form of social media, you don’t need to be. AgVocacy can be done in many different forms, including conversations at the dinner table! 

Many different ways!

  • We firstly establish an exclusive group for all participants in a single workshop. This is initially to introduce everyone before the workshop but we find these stay active as people bounce ideas off each other, celebrate successes and work through challenges. 
  • We have an exclusive Facebook Hub to connect everyone with all alumni. This is a really powerful platform to connect and support one another. 
  • There are multiple Instagram Pods where we set tasks that compliment the platforms algorithms to increase your reach and engagement.
  • We build thought leaders through an exclusive LinkedIn group
  • Various events are available for alumni that offer an opportunity to connect with The Livestock Collective and provide further professional development.