AgVocates Hub

Many people working in the livestock sector want to advocate for their industry, but are not sure where or how to start. To make things easier, we have pulled together information to assist you in your advocacy efforts. 

Why do we need AgVocates for the livestock industry?

If we don’t tell our story now then someone else less qualified will. There are many different ways you can advocate for the Livestock industry, here are a few suggestions below.

  1. Volunteer to talk about what you do at a local community group meeting or school.
  2. Ring up a talk back radio station and put forward your view.
  3. Write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper or favourite magazine.
  4. TALK to family and friends about what you do.
  5. Share photos and videos with a little background story of social media so friends and family can see.
  6. Attend industry meetings and conferences to connect with like minded people – network, share skills and collaborate.

To begin your journey as a Livestock Leader and industry advocate, check out the tools we have available in the AgVocates Hub or head to our AgVocates Program page.

The publics perception

The links below take you to studies from MLA and LiveCorp on the public’s perception of the livestock sector. Understanding how the public perceives the industry is essential to ensure ongoing community trust and best direct advocacy efforts. 

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