Farm; to grow or cultivate in quantity.

Consider the size of Australia’s population, approximately 25.7 million people. Now consider the amount of food, water and clothing required for our population. Now consider the number of farming enterprises in Australia, approximately 89,000. Let’s make an assumption, (I know, never assume anything). If every farming enterprise accounts for 3 people, that equates to 1% of Australia’s population.

By Emily Stretch

When I think about the ratio of farming based people to the rest of the population it’s easy to understand why an information gap exists. It’s easier to understand why people perceive farming differently to me. Our own experience informs our knowledge, and a life with no contact with any kind of farming means no knowledge or context base regarding farming.

I have no experience in the world of publishing, therefore my knowledge of publishing comes purely from outside sources. Movies, social media, the news, and any people in my social circles who are involved directly or indirectly in publishing. My ‘idea’ of a publisher is a cutthroat business person who chases the bottom line. Is that accurate? I highly doubt it. Is part of it accurate, possibly?


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