How to get past a content creation rut

Stuck in a content rut? Shared all you know? Unsure what to post next? Are you concerned your content sounds repetitive and uninspired?

Social media is a significant tool to share your connection and passion for agriculture whilst creating new connections and advocating for your industry. 

My name is Heidi Wright, and I am the Director of Wright Social, a social media agency specialising in the agri-rural sector. I’m here to share some advice to help you as an agriculture advocate to keep your content fresh, relevant and engaging.

So, when it comes to content, where do you start? 

The first step is knowing who your audience is and ​mapping out your key message themes. This enables you to speak directly to ​your target audience in a meaningful way. You will resonate much more powerfully and more likely to grow a loyal community. From ​your themes, you can build content pillars to draw out relevant and interesting topics to build your posts from. Do this and there is strategy behind your content, there is purpose. At times though even with a strategy, we just need a boost of inspiration and ideas to help us get out of thinking mode into action mode!

 Here’s my go-to list for ​times like this: ​

  • Write your post then find the key question – put this ​key question ​up front!
  • Post a photo and ask your audience to help you caption it
  • Shout out to someone who’s doing something great – ​celebrate the “hero”
  • Share a quote you stand by
  • Recycle your favourite blog
  • Share a perspective on the last podcast you listened to 
  • ​Share a memory and point out why it makes you happy ​
  • Tell people one thing you loved about your day and ask them to ​share too ​

 Now for some more sustainable tips to help you keep your content on​-​point and engaging​: ​

Hashtags – the secret weapon 

Look up hashtags relevant to your industry and your target audience – see what content is being posted and what’s trending. By incorporating a daily hashtag search you can pull out what content is performing to inspire your own content ideas plus tweak your own hashtag strategy to widen your reach and exposure to a new set of ​people.​

Your audience – a point of untapped inspiration 

Do you know where else is commonly (and mistakenly) overlooked as a source of inspiration? Your audience! They are your most valuable resource. Ask them what they want to see more of, what they would like to find out.  Put simply: Give people what they’re asking for. It’s a sure way to create content that people will want to read and share.

For example, ​does your audience want to know how you started in the industry? About what sustainability practices are utilised on farm? About how their food is produced? Find out what sparks their interest and answer their questions! Do this and you’ll not only have some new content angles, you’ll be building a relationship, positioning yourself as a leader, as an authoritative​ industry​ voice.

Clue into your industry 

Keep an eye out for what others in your industry are posting. What are they doing differently? Which posts are getting a lot of engagement? Is there something that they’re doing that I could be doing? You can still be putting out your same messages, but using inspiration from those around you to vary the delivery. 

Tap into the conversations happening NOW 

Conversations are happening online every minute. What are the ​conversation starters? What problems ​or key points ​are being highlighted? How can you bring those topics to life in your content?

Those common problems that they talk about, like the wallpaper in the room, are really unmet demand in the marketplace that if you’re smart, you can say “aha, there’s an opportunity. I can make something there”. If this grabbed your attention – check out my interview with Content King Seven Black​ for more tips on ​leveraging the conversations​ happening NOW to give spark to your content. ​

Experiment with your visuals 

Mix up your visual content. Keep your same messaging but find clever and creative ways to mix up your visual content. This can include 15 second video for Monday, a still image for Tuesday, an abstract design or black and white filter for Thursday and a “on the fly” snap from the weekend for Sunday. You’ll be surprised at how effective this one change can be to boosting your engagement. Tip. If you’re not already experimenting with Instagram Reels – do! They are a new way for Instagram users to record short video clips set to popular music providing yet another avenue to create fun, engaging content on Instagram.

Baaaa oring.

Not another photo of a mob of sheep…sometimes groundhog day posting isn’t a bad thing even though you might think of it as boring content. Why not use your day to day operations to your advantage? Why not have Thursday Throwback or Farming Friday posts? Remember, your everyday life may be fascinating to someone with a different reality to yours. So use social media to tell your stories and follow your journey. Just by changing your opening line to a question or sharing a fact instead of an opinion, you can be sharing the same visuals but in a way that keeps your content engaging and fresh.

One final parting note, remember you’re not alone. Everyone struggles to find new and inspiring content from time to time. Be sure to FIRST have a strategy in hand, then come up with your posting ideas. I hope these tips have reassured you and that you feel confident getting back out there!

Key Points:

Find out who your audience is

Build key content pillars that speak to them

Follow hashtags for inspiration, and work trending hashtags into your posts

Keep an eye on what other people in the industry are posting

Ask your audience what they want to know

Don’t be afraid to post about your day to day life – to other people, your daily grind might be fascinating.

 Learn more at the Wright Social blog.