How to Present Yourself on Zoom

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of Zoom. We got thrown right in the deep end of virtual communication, but there are still some important things to remember when presenting on zoom. 

  • Ensure that you have a clean, work appropriate background. 

Ensure you have a quiet area, that has minimal background noise and movement as well as a clean, work appropriate background. Zoom virtual backgrounds are a fabulous feature that can eliminate background distractions and jazz up your space. 

  • Be aware of your audio and video settings. 

Ensure that your microphone is on mute unless you are speaking during the session. Be sure to position your web camera and monitor at eye level so you can look into the camera and stimulate an eye-to-eye connection. More light is always best as this will dramatically improve video quality.  

  • Eliminate distractions. 

Notifications from messaging applications, ringtones and desktop applications can be distracting. Where possible, mute these notifications until break times to help keep you focused and free from interruption. 

  • Select your device. 

Ensure your device is fully charged and has ease of access to a charger as constant video streaming can drain your devices battery power quite quickly. If using a mobile, acquire the Zoom app for ease of functionality. Earphones/headsets work best to eliminate background noise when you are speaking. 

  • Prepare materials in advance. 

You may need to have access to documents during your session. Ensuring you have these handy limits distractions and time wasting.