Livestock Leaders at AgConnect WA Annual Conference

A suite of Livestock Leaders recently attended the AgConnect WA Annual Conference. AgConnect WA are an organisation which unites young people who share a common passion for agriculture. Beyond the panel dedicated to The Livestock Collective and Livestock Leaders, our alumni were present on additional panels, including Claire Payne in research and Pat Coole in his industry leadership.

“The forum then went into a Livestock Collective panel which included Livestock Collective event co-ordinator Milly Nolan, high profile stockman Hugh Dawson who spoke via Skype from Beetaloo station, in the Northern Territory, WAFarmers’ Ms Wallace, Department of Education principal consultant and PRIMED co-ordinator Alysia Kepert, Ms Davey who worked as a live export stockwoman and veterinarian Renee Willis.”

The full article can be found here.