Queensland Livestock Leaders

Livestock Leaders, one year later

The Livestock Collective is celebrating the success of having delivered eight professional development workshops around regional Australia in the past year. 

Focused on developing advocates in the red meat industry, the Livestock Leaders workshops have gained plenty of momentum as they toured around the country and ending the series in Rockhampton, Queensland just in time for the participants to attend Beef2021.

Rockhampton Livestock Leaders workshop in action

In partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia, the objective of the workshops is to promote a collaborative, united livestock sector by providing opportunities for industry stakeholders to represent themselves through positive and effective community engagement. Participants learn skills in communication, social media, content creation and media engagement.

Amelia Nolan, Events Coordinator organises and facilitates the national workshops under The Livestock Collective leadership project and works with highly sought after consultants from AgCommunicators, Lush The Content Agency, Wright Social and Blueesee to deliver the outcomes. 

“It has been very rewarding to deliver these workshops on a national level. The support from Meat & Livestock Australia has been instrumental when measuring the overall success of the project,” Ms Nolan said. 

South Australian Livestock Leader alumni, Shannon Logan about her experience of the workshop  “I have the ability to effectively communicate and advocate for my industry in a positive manner and have an understanding on when is an appropriate time and place for specific conversations and educating those around me.”

Bendigo, Victoria Livestock Leaders

The Livestock Leaders workshops powered by The Livestock Collective in partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia has completed the series for this financial year with one hundred and twenty-five alumni who continue to advocate for the industry.