Livestock Leadership – Libbe Paton

Livestock Leaders workshop in Bendigo, April 2021. 

The first day kicked off with a room full of diverse farmers ready to up skill. We met Holly  Ludeman – The Livestock Collective and Sabina – MLA, two powerhouse leaders who set the  level of value we should expect to receive. Our mentor for the day was Deanna Lush – Ag  Communicators who had us complete a holistic review of how we hold conversations with  anyone seeking answers on our livestock industry. Such a valuable resource to be able to  learn better ways to connect, engage and respond. After a full-on day the Vic crew hit the  pub for a beer, a feed (a lot of steak!) and networking. 

The morning of day two focused on how we represent ourselves and the red meat industry  through social media. Heidi Wright – Wright Social dived into all areas of influencing with  ideal followers, why our personal brand matters and how as industry leaders we can better  manage momentum and drive action. The afternoon saw James Lush – Lush The Content  Agency prepare us for facing the media confidently. It was an amazing opportunity to be  taught how to prepare to face negativity with heart and passion in hand with truth and  experience.  

Our final session on Day three was a media stimulated interview with James Lush. With the  diverse range of leaders who attended I am sure we all smashed it out and are ready to face  the world to promote and defend the red meat industry of Australia.  

On behalf of all of us in the program, thank you MLA and The Livestock Collective for  bringing these vital workshops to the grassroots beef producers. The future is in safe hands. 

– Libbe Paton, The Mitta Valley