Livestock Leaders Podcast

Patrick Coole – YLEN and the Ethics of Live Export

Patrick has ten years of experience working throughout the live export supply chain and comes from a cattle producer background. He currently holds the Vice Chair position for the Young Livestock Exporters Network, an association dedicated to developing cohort of young people involved in live export in to responsible, innovative and forward thinking professionals. Patrick is interested in the ethics of animal production and enjoys overseeing ESCAS operations for Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders where he is able to implement effective animal welfare programs for the cattle they export. 

A dedicated and proud advocate for all things Ag related, Jess devotes her time to agricultural policy formation, representing farmers and industry issues through strategic policy formation beginning from the grassroots, and liaising across all levels of government. Starting with WAFarmers in 2018, she is the Executive Manager for WAFarmers’ Grains and Livestock Commodity Councils, and manages media, communications and events for the organisation.

John Cunnington – The Livestock Collective story & leadership

If you’re a fan of The Livestock Collective, this episode is for you! Listen to John candidly discuss the vision behind The Livestock Collective and hear his thoughts on leadership. As the Business development Manager of Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders, John also offers an insight to his career in live export, starting on vessels exporting cattle, sheep and even camels all around the world.

Hear from a woman who is at the forefront of animal welfare with experience all along the live export supply chain. Renee speaks candidly about industry change and what her role has been as an Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (AAV), advocate and researcher, with additional credits in training stockpersons in Australia, along with vets and stockpersons all over the globe. Renee addresses industry issues with honesty and provides a truthful account of what the live export industry is really like.

From 240 acres on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia to 2.6million in the Barkly region of Northern Territory, Hugh’s story is one of passion and resilience. Now on his fifth consecutive gap year, Hugh is making change in agriculture.

Tiffany Davey – When Feeding People is your Love Language

Like her mum, Tiffany Davey takes so much pride and joy in feeding people. This has led her to the live export industry, where she is part of a supply chain feeding the world. At the ripe age of 24, Tiff has already taken it upon herself to check out destination countries to formulate her own opinion on the industry. She speaks candidly of her struggles including being stuck out at sea due to COVID-19 and challenges as a young leader in the industry.

Bridging the great urban-rural divide and using lived experiences to lead is what Alysia Kepert is all about. She has a passion for agriculture, rural life and has strong professional and personal networks to help enact her vision. She believes we need intergenerational communication so young people can learn and leverage from other’s work and life experiences, and so experienced people can better understand whose lives we are really working for to create positive change. This interview is a different take for Livestock Leaders, a candid and inspiring story covering a range of topics relevant to rural Australia.

Munro spent 13 years building a successful career in the livestock industry, being fortunate enough to see some of the best parts of Australia along the way! He spent years working right across northern Australia all across the industry, from breeding operations and backgrounding, right through to voyages on live export vessels to Egypt and Indonesia. Now managing the Northern Division for AgriWebb, helping agricultural businesses to create efficiencies and increase productivity, Munro is passionate about helping the industry achieve its full potential by bringing better solutions to fuel sustainable growth.

Imagine getting to school by calling on the radio, and even learning the recorder over the radio! For Camille and her siblings this was everyday life. Hear Camille’s fascinating stories of her upbringing on a cattle station in the West Kimberley and now the active role she plays in the running of the property.

Barb Madden – Leadership in the Lotfeeding Industry

If you are in the lotfeeding industry, chances are you have heard of Barb! Barb has grown up with feedlots in her blood and her family are currently in their 99th year in the industry! A true leader and change-maker, Barb is an enthusiastic Livestock Leader and a driving force in advocacy.

Andy has had a very diverse career, but his one true love is livestock and trucks. He represented livestock carriers in The Livestock Collective’s initial project and he has since gone on to become a Livestock Leader. Andy is a change leader and passionate about ensuring the livestock transport industry has a voice.