Q&A with Brad Swadesir – “Share the Lamb”

Brad Swadesir joined the Livestock Leaders alumni at the beginning of 2021. Brad brings a wealth of experience and a strong passion for the industry to our ‘Collective’. He recently joined Chef Sam Burke to ‘Share the Lamb’. 


Brad is a big supporter of our work and has a real passion for his product.

After a brief discussion I gauged Brad’s passion was like mine to enjoy and showcase beautiful Australian lamb to the world.

So I have invited Brad to my home for a BBQ where we could cook his lamb over open flames with myself.

Little did I know Brad lives in Inverleigh VIctoria and will be driving 10 hours to celebrate a Lamb BBQ over an open fire in my backyard.

Another example of a great Australian producer going absolutely above and beyond.”
– Sam Burke 


What is your involvement in the red meat/lamb industry?

I grew up on the land and have been involved with agriculture all of my life and I am now based in Inverleigh, Victoria. Being Managing Director of Probreed allows me to expand on my career and passion in the red meat industry. We are very committed to supply chain management with our clients purchasing rams from the three sheep breeds we promote. www.probreed.com.au.

Why is it important to you to share the good news story on lamb? 

I am a person who loves red meat and all things agriculture. I saw this as an opportunity to not only showcase Probreed Lamb, its tenderness and flavour, but also to show people how fun and easy a weekend cook up can be. 

What was it like getting involved with Sam Burke and Rob Gallina in the outback BBQ?

It was an honour to be invited to Sam’s house to catch up with his family and showcase red meat. I’ve met Sam at many events over the years but it wasn’t until the 2021 Sydney Royal Show where I asked him about having a cook to showcase Probreed lamb and to support the red meat industry. We had a great discussion about where I wanted to take the cook and he was so excited that he offered to have it at his home. We wanted to showcase lamb and demonstrate a few methods of cooking that most could do in the backyard easily to make a day of it, and importantly, bring family and friends closer together. 

Who was there?

We cooked for over 30 people with friends, family and some top level chefs. 

  • Sam Burke – Business Manager MLA
  • Rob Gallina – “Game on Rub”
  • Adam Moore – CEO of Culinary Revolutions
  • Eddie Coffie – Managing Director of Nyaco Foods
  • Ted Coffie – Nyaaco Foods
  • Uwe Stiefel – Corperate Executive Chef P&O Cruises
  • Julie Ballard – Product development MLA Australia
  • Plenty of Family and Friends.

What were the key topics of the day?

We discussed how far the industry has come in regards to promoting the health benefits of having red meat in the diet. Having so many chefs around gave a great perspective from all angles not only a passionate advocate and producer but chefs and how they incorporate it in their menus with minimum waste and great value for money. 

What did the day involve? 

As most of you could understand, a lot of organisation goes into an event like this. From Probreed getting lambs ready to be processed at the right time, transport of meat and then coordinating all guests. We did a big shop the night before for other ingredients and then Saturday was upon us and the cook started. To be honest it was a great day with us all having a great time. Most chefs had some input on the day with some great banter amongst everyone. On the day it was actually very easy and relaxing, other than the wind!

What were the cooking methods used on the day?

We lit the fires early on the Saturday morning to get the lamb on the “Asado” cooking early while we also prepared the slow roasts. We also had some other cuts for us in the background as appetisers. 

What lamb cuts did you use on the day? 

We are lucky at Probreed to be able to ethically grow our lambs at Inverleigh on Geelong’s doorstep, only 30kms from the beach as the crow flies. Our breeds are Primera, Highlander and Highlander Plus, all on the SGA website and in the top 5-10% on indexes. We find the meat yields well and cooks nicely with the flavour and tenderness coming through to the plate. We have clients Australia wide using Probreed as their preferred ram supplier which allows us to supply some lamb contracts and get more great Australian lamb on menus around the world. 

What empowered you to seek this opportunity to, ‘Share the Lamb’?
Obviously, sharing the lamb story is a passion of mine. I speak to a lot of people and at a lot of events in my role and I get many comments about the lack of accessibility of red meat. Some families feel a good healthy diet of red meat is unaffordable and one of the things that we wanted to showcase is that there are some cuts that may not fit your budget, but there are other ways to cook and enjoy lamb that doesn’t blow the budget. 

So many people feel once a roast or a chop is done there is nothing else but my aim is to show people this is not the case. It is such a healthy part of the family’s diet and Sam, Rob and I are planning some more cooks to showcase this in the near future. It was an honour to work with Sam and Rob on this, not only showcasing the Probreed brand of meat, but to showcase the importance of red meat in the diet. 

What do you want to come from ‘Share the Lamb’?

We all, especially those in the southern states, are left feeling somewhat isolated from friends and family as a result of COVID-19. I want to encourage everyone to grab some lamb, get your family and friends around, enjoy a well overdue catch up and “Share the Lamb”

I’d really like to thank Sam Burke for making this happen. His passion is driving industry change and giving us the opportunity to connect with the public to share our story.