Setting Achievable goals

Goal setting is one of the most useful practices to ensure you stay on track with your ideas and achievements.

Knowing what you want in life comes easy to some but requires more thought from others. Nothing is wrong with either, but setting small goals can help get you and keep you on the right track. Goal setting is relevant to every single person and every single industry.  

What is a goal?

First things first, a goal is an outcome (personal or professional) or a physical object you are working towards. This can be something as small as making sure you make it home on time for dinner or as large as shearing a couple of hundred sheep in one day. 

Why should I set a goal?

Setting a goal or working towards a desired outcome keeps you accountable for your actions leading up to it. It helps you build a long term vision and is great for short term motivation. Do you want to get fitter and live a healthier life or maybe you want to take your agribusiness to the next level? Improving your mental and physical capabilities will ultimately put you in the best position to achieve your goal.

How will setting a goal help me?

Goal setting also helps with focus and keeps you motivated. Mustering cattle on horseback requires physical strength and mental toughness to brave the extreme weather conditions of rural Australia but maybe you forget to put sunscreen on in the mornings. It may seem like a negligible goal but your future self will thank you for taking care of your skin in the long run. 

How can I inspire others to set a goal?

When you achieve your goal and exude confidence and happiness, those around you will notice and might ask how you did it! 

SMART goals

The SMART goals system is a great starting point if you have no idea where to begin. Writing things down with a pen and paper is also a way to keep yourself both motivated and accountable. 

Be Specific about what you want to achieve.

Is this goal Measurable and can you track your progress? 

Is this goal Attainable with your current resources and mindset?

How Relevant is this goal to your current life or where you want to be?

Time-bound, how much time and effort are you willing to invest into this goal?

Here are some areas in your life you might want to set goals in. This list is in no particular order as each of these areas will have a different weight for the individual:

  • Career
  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Physical
  • Community

Remember if you have a big goal in mind, sometimes several smaller goals need to be set and achieved before you can reach the desired outcome of the bigger picture. There is no rush, take your time and work on the goals that suit you.