The Livestock Collective is delighted to receive excellent feedback, achieving an average of >95% overall satisfaction since its establishment. 99% of alumni are very likely to recommend this workshop to others in their network. Find some individual reviews below.  

"I was over the moon to be offered a scholarship from Sheep Producers Australia to complete the Livestock Leaders course, and become a Livestock Leader. As a sheep producer who holds animal welfare to the highest regard, I often get frustrated when consumers don’t know the truth about what we do. The course gave me skills and the confidence to use my voice to showcase the fabulous industry that we’re in, and show consumers how proud and passionate we are about the food and fibre that we produce."
Rebecca Barry
Sheep Producer
"Looking back over my notes from the Livestock Leaders program, the first two words I wrote down were “Be courageous!”. And this is exactly what the Livestock Leaders program has helped me to become. Courageous about sharing my agriculture story but also courageous about defining where I fit in the agriculture supply chain and the value I bring. Thank you to Sheep Producers Australia and The Livestock Collective for enabling sheep supply chain participants to take part in this great program."
Kate McLachlan
Marketing Manager
"Taking part in the Livestock Leaders workshop was a terrific experience and I really enjoyed meeting like minded people who are very passionate about agriculture. An industry that feeds you is an industry worth fighting for and all the participants in this workshop I know will always be there for agriculture."
Jock Gosse
National Sales Manager