We fail, we learn, we succeed!

By James Lush

As I’ve mentioned many many times before, the more you do…the better you get! Very true for life in general, but in particular this is the case for your relationship with the media.

Do nothing or very little and every time you front up, you’ll be nervous, uncertain and not performing as the “real you”! You’ll come away feeling like you could have done so much better. Well, the reality is, that’s probably true. 

Now if that’s the case or if you’ve just had a bit of a fail, fear not! It’s time to get straight back on the horse. Whilst you will be super critical of your own performance it’s fair to say very few people would have heard it, seen it or read it! To be frank – people don’t really care (crazy hey?)!

That’s the good news. And it means you can get back on the horse with only your own negative thoughts and performance to banish! This is where the mind comes in to play. Sure, be cross, frustrated, annoyed with what you just did, but don’t beat yourself up. See it as a massive learning experience and use it as a fuel to do better next time. Your progress wont always be in an upward linear direction. There will be days when you shine and there will be other days when you’re just a little ordinary. That’s life! The secret is to believe that the next time you are in the media you’ll smash it!

So, go into the next interview with a new belief. Do the preparation work (as you always will do of course). Think about your messages, your stories and visualise how the interview is going to go for you. Imagine what you will be asked and then prepare some solid responses that allow you to bridge to where you want to go. That baton of control is yours if you are willing to take it after all. Now if you do this, I guarantee any prior failings will be forgotten and you’ll be jumping at the bit to do more! And that’s when the fun really starts…