What sort of Livestock Leader are you?

The Quiet Leader

This person is an absolute powerhouse, but may not always get credit when due. They are the strategists, big vision people doing the work behind the scenes. You can see these people think, literally watch them and know there are some big ideas turning over in their brilliant minds. 


Kate Bishop is an example of this leader. Her vision of creating an ‘army of leaders’ is coming to life in the Livestock Leaders Program she designed. 


The Loud Leader

Change leadership, bravery and a little bit of mayhem. Often found making connections and being the face of industry, this leader has the guts to change the status quo. The ability to gain supporters through authentic interactions, a big laugh coupled with serious conversations and action-orientated leadership, this leader is powerful. 


Holly Ludeman is a prime example of a ‘Loud Leader’. Founding The Livestock Collective with forward thinking actions and a fearless attitude has seen great success, particularly in the live export industry. 


The Enthusiastic Leader

Optimistic and genuine, this leader has great influence over others’ energy. Chuck them at the front of the room and they will be sure to empower the audience. Their passion is loud and clear, often with a go-with-the-flow attitude. Generally highly extroverted, these leaders gain energy from connecting with other passionate individuals.  


Milly Nolan is an example of this leadership style. If you have ever been in a workshop she has facilitated, you will know what I mean!


The Creative Leader

Outside the box ideas are their forte and this leader is integral to creating change. They can see things from the other perspective and have deep thought bubbles in everyday life. Cheerful and fair, their creative spunk coupled with a down to earth attitude can make them the most important member of the team without even realising it.  


Chantelle Kerwin is a fantastic example of a Creative Leader. Coming from the city and diving straight into the deep end of an often misunderstood industry, her give-it-a-go attitude has served her well.